It's always 1932

It's always 1932, originally uploaded by Wyrd.

Bristol Temple Meads railway station, engineered by Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Once upon a Schwinn

Bike seat, originally uploaded by Sweet Freak.


Vacancy, originally uploaded by Bob Jagendorf.

Lenox Lounge on the Sepia Screen

You don't go here for the warm & cosy atmosphere catered by a warm & fuzzy staff, at least not in this modern era. Nor do you go for the remarkable drinks (unlike Milk & Honey) or single "talent". You go here for the history, architecture, jazz & the dedication towards a diverse NYC neighborhood. They just don't build or maintain establishments such as the Lenox Lounge in the 21st Century. Too bad.

Getting the post

Bakelite Viewmasters

Although today considered a toy, View-Master began it's commercial life in 1939 as a home-entertainment medium intended for adults.

Invented by William Gruber and marketed by Harold Graves through Edwin and Fred Mayer's photo-finishing, postcard, and greeting card company, Sawyer's, View-Master was a successor to the stereograph viewer popularized in the 19th century by Oliver Wendell Holmes. But View-Master was an improvement over the traditional stereograph; it offered seven stereo views on each reel, compared with the stereograph's one view per card, and provided them in color by using Kodak's (then-) new color transparency film, Kodachrome.

From 1939 to 1950, View-Master reels were sold individually. In the early 1950s, Sawyer's had a sufficient catalog of titles to begin grouping existing single reels into packets according to common subjects (for example, reels 251, 252, & 253 were sold as a Carlsbad Caverns packet).
--Viewmaster History

Heartland homestead

...Withstood the test of Time..., originally uploaded by bail56..Random Images from The Heartland..

F Market on Embarcadero

F Market on Embarcadero, originally uploaded by Telstar Logistics.

The 1057 trolley was built in 1948 for the city of Philadelphia, and after a 1994 refurbish was painted in the Cincinnati Street Railway color scheme. Its yellow-with-stripes colors have earned it the nickname "Bumblebee". (Market Street Railway: Car No. 1057)

The Victoria Baths

Victoria Baths opened in 1906 and provided the public with swimming pools, baths, and club-rooms for 86 years. Since its closure in 1993, the Victoria Baths Trusts has been working to preserve the building.